Know Your BLRO and BLRO Office address Contact Details banglarbhumi West Bangal

BLLRO & DLLRO Office address For Mutation Purpose: Here You can get the Detailed information of BLLRO & DLLRO Office address in your area in West Bengal through banglarbhumi Portal You will also get the information like ‘How to get mutation certificate from BLRO office‘ or Get mutation certificate form blro. The full form of BLRO is Block Level Land Reform Officer.
The West Bengal Government provides an online portal of Banglarbhumi under the Land & Land Reforms Department (ভূমি ও ভূমি সংস্কার বিভাগ). Through this portal, the user can check various online services related to land records data. It is a great initiative of WB Govt. The L&LR Dept has a far-reaching interface with the citizens, businesses and other Govt/Public Sector Departments (সরকারি/পাবলিক সেক্টর বিভাগগুলি) in the state and interacts with these stakeholders on a day to day basis. The land records data administered by the department is voluminous and it increases on a daily basis. For instance, the dept also maintains land-related information (জমি সম্পর্কিত তথ্য) of around 42,042 mouzas and approximately 4.30 crore Khaitan across the West Bengal State (পশ্চিমবঙ্গ রাজ্য).

How to Get Contact Details of SDLLRO/ BLLRO & DLLRO through Banglarbhumi Portal, L&LR Dept, Govt of West Bengal?

The objective of Banglarbhumi Portal is to provide an online platform for land-related information to the citizens of West Bengal State. It is an initiative of the Land & Land Reforms Department, Govt of WB (ভূমি ও ভূমি সংস্কার বিভাগ, পশ্চিমবঙ্গ সরকার). The agenda of the L&LR Dept has been clearly underpinned by a sustained commitment to modernization (আধুনিকীকরণ) and change throughout its service delivery. Apart from this, the department wishes to adopt multi-channel service delivery model (মাল্টি চ্যানেল সেবা বিতরণ মডেল) for providing convenient services to the stakeholders. The user can avail several of online services through the Banglarbhumi Portal (URL: – such as Land related Information, Know Your Property, RS-LR Plot Information, Applications Forms, Mutation Case Status, Check Contact Details of Block/District Land & Land Records Officer (ব্লক/জেলা ভূমি ও ভূমি রেকর্ড অফিসার) etc.

Procedure to Check Block/District Land & Land Records Officers’ Contact Details through Banglarbhumi Portal

To check contact details of SDLLRO or BLLRO- Block Land & Land Records Office & DLLRO- District Land & Land Records Office, the user needs to visit the official web portal of Banglarbhumi, Land & Land Reforms Department, Govt of West Bengal (বাংলারভূমি, ভূমি ও ভূমি সংস্কার বিভাগ, পশ্চিমবঙ্গ সরকার). The link is mentioned below.

After accessing the above website, a web page of “Statistics of Administration” (প্রশাসন পরিসংখ্যান) will open. Here you can see the following Departmental Officials’ Contact Details.

  1. Office of the Divisional Commissioner (বিভাগীয় কমিশনার)- 3 Nos
  2. District Offices in West Bengal (পশ্চিমবঙ্গের জেলা অফিস)- 18 Nos
  3. Sub-Division Offices (উপ-বিভাগীয় অফিস) in West Bengal – 65 Nos
  4. Block Office (ব্লক অফিস) in West Bengal- 341 Nos
  5. Additional Blocks (অতিরিক্ত ব্লক)- 3 Nos
  6. Office of Revenue Inspectors (রাজস্ব পরিদর্শকগণ) in West Bengal- 3305 Nos

(A) Departmental Officials Details (বিভাগীয় কর্মকর্তাদের বিবরণ)-

  • Designation: – Principal Secretary & Land Reforms Commissioner, West Bengal
  • Contact Number: – 2214-4022 Fax Number: – 2214-3267
  • Official Email Id: –
  • Designation: – Secretary
  • Contact Number: – 2214-1286 Fax Number: – 2214-1286
  • Official Email Id: –

(B) DLLRO- District Land & Land Reforms Officers Details (জেলা জমি ও ভূমি সংস্কার অফিসারদের বিস্তারিত)-
Bankura District (বাঁকুড়া জেলা)

  • Contact Officer: – Mr Partha Ghosh
  • Job Assigned: – Overall Charge of Land Reforms in the District
  • Contact Number: – (0324) 2252-0587 Fax Number: – 2252-0587
  • Email Support: –

Bardhaman District (বর্ধমান জেলা)

  • Officer Name: – Mr Ashoke Kumar Saha
  • Phone Number: – (034) 2263-0641 Fax Number: – 2253-3348
  • Official Email Id: –

Birbhum District (বীরভূম জেলা)

  • Officer Name: – Mr Shyamasis Roy
  • Phone & Fax Numbers: – (0346) 2255-264
  • Email Address: –

Darjeeling District (দার্জিলিং জেলা)

  • Contact Person: – Mr Gopal Lama
  • Phone Number: – (0354) 2254-265 Fax Number: – 2254-279
  • Official Email Id: –

Howrah District (হাওড়া জেলা)

  • Officer Name: – Mr Ansuman Adhikary
  • Contact Number: – (033) 2641-2749 Fax Number: – 2660-9924
  • Email Address: – dllrohowrah&

(C) BLLRO- Block Land & Land Reforms Officers Details (ব্লক ল্যান্ড অ্যান্ড ল্যান্ড রিফর্মস অফিসার্স বিস্তারিত)-
To check Block Land & Land Reforms Officers Details through the Banglarbhumi Portal, kindly click the given below link and select your respective “District Name” (জেলা নাম) in the appropriate box.

  • After getting the above link, a web page of Banglarbhumi Portal (বাংলারভামি পোর্টাল0 will open.
  • Now click on the “About us than Administrative Setup” option then a drop-down district list will appear.
  • Here you can search your District and then a list of all BLLRO /OC Howrah Town survey in block leval of the concerned district (সংশ্লিষ্ট জেলা) will open.
  • On the next web page, you can check your Block L&LR Officers’ Contact Details (যোগাযোগের ঠিকানা).


Users, here we have provided to you all the information related to How to Check the District/Block Land & Land Reforms Officers’ Contact Details through Banglarbhumi Portal, Land & Land Reforms Department, Govt of West Bengal (বাংলারভুমি পোর্টাল, ভূমি ও ভূমি সংস্কার বিভাগ, পশ্চিমবঙ্গ সরকারের মাধ্যমে জেলা / ব্লক ভূমি ও ভূমি সংস্কার অফিসারদের যোগাযোগের বিবরণ কীভাবে পরীক্ষা করবেন). If you have any query regarding this article then submit your comment below or leave it at “Ask Question” section. Thanks for visiting, stay tuned for more updates.

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