Check Status of e-Payment Deed Mutation using eNathikaran Software of West Bengal

The people of West Bengal State now can check all land/property related details through WB e-Registration Portal (পশ্চিমবঙ্গ ই-নিবন্ধন পোর্টাল). The Directorate of Registration and Stamp Revenue, Finance Dept, Govt of WB has started to this Portal to their citizens. The computerization of Registration Offices in West Bengal was designed to eliminate the shortcomings of the conventional registration system (প্রচলিত নিবন্ধন ব্যবস্থা) and to improve citizen services by making them quicker, friendlier and transparent by re-engineering department’s process as well as to build capacity of the members of the staff and to streamline the monitoring capability of the project team and infrastructure through the use of e-governance tools (ই-গভর্নেন্স টুলস). The objective of this portal is to provide Transparent, improved and prompt citizen services (স্বচ্ছ, উন্নত এবং দ্রুত নাগরিক সেবা) through e-governance in registration. It also improves the quality of services to the citizens and introduces transparency in the determination of the market value of the property through e-Nathikaran Software (ই-নাথিকরণ সফটওয়্যার), as the market of all plots under the jurisdiction of the registration offices are preserved in the central server.

How to Check the Status of e-Payment/Deed/Mutation through the official web portal of Directorate of Registration & Stamp Revenue, West Bengal?

The Directorate of Registration & Stamp Revenue, Finance Dept, Govt of West Bengal provides the online portal “WB e-Nathikaran” (পশ্চিমবঙ্গ ই-নাথিকরণ) (URL: – to their citizens. This website is designed, developed and maintained by NIC- National Informatics Center (ন্যাশনাল ইনফরমেশন সেন্টার) and contact provided by the Finance (Revenue) Department, Government of West Bengal. Through this portal, the user can access several online services related to land details. There are following citizens services available on the portal.

  1. Calculator for Market Value of Land & Apartment (ভূমি ও এপার্টমেন্টের বাজার মূল্য)
  2. Search Registration by Transacted Property Details (সম্পত্তির বিশদ বিবরণ)
  3. Download Certified Copy of Deed (ডড এর সার্টিফাইড অনুলিপি ডাউনলোড করুন)
  4. e-Requisition Form (ই-লিজিভেশন ফরম)
  5. Print e-Assessment Slip (ই-অ্যাসেসমেন্ট স্লিপ প্রিন্ট করুন)
  6. Check Status of e-payment (ই-পেমেন্টের স্থিতি চেক করুন)
  7. Mutation Status (উত্তরণ অবস্থা)
  8. Locate Registration Office (নিবন্ধন অফিসে সনাক্ত করুন)
Procedure to Check Status of e-Payment, Deed, and Mutation through WB e-Registration Portal

Any person who is domiciled in West Bengal and hold a land/property in the state can check Status of their e-Payment, Deed, and Mutation through the official web portal of Directorate of Registration & Stamp Revenue (নিবন্ধন ও স্ট্যাম্প রাজস্ব অধিদপ্তর). The directorate is functioned under the Finance Dept, Govt of WB. The link is mentioned below:

After clicking the above link, a web homepage of WB e-Nathikaran (পশ্চিমবঙ্গ ই-নাথিকরণ) will open. Here the user can avail the above-mentioned citizen’s services via online. To check the status of e-Payment, Deed & Mutation, kindly follow the given simple steps:

(A) Status of e-Payment (ই-পেমেন্টের স্থিতি): – If you already fill the e-Requisition Form and now want to check the status of e-Payment. Then scroll down to the WB e-Registration Portal and click on the “Status of e-Payment” in Registration of Deed section. On the next webpage, enter the following details in the respective fields.

  • »Query Number (প্রশ্ন নম্বর)
  • »Query Year (প্রশ্ন বছর)
  • »GRN Number (জিআরএন নম্বর)

After entering the above details, hit the “Get Status” (স্থিতি পান) button to check the status of online payment.
(B) Current Status of Deed (ডড এর বর্তমান অবস্থা): – To check the status of your Deed, kindly click on the “Current Status of Deed” in Registration of Deed section on the WB e-Nathikaran Portal. On the next webpage, enter the asked details as per given instructions on the page. The demo screenshot is given below.

  1. Query Number (প্রশ্ন নম্বর)
  2. Query Year (প্রশ্ন বছর)

In the end, click on the “Get Status” (স্থিতি পান) button to view the current status of Deed.
(C) Mutation Status (উত্তরণ অবস্থা): – To get Mutation Case Status, please click on the “Mutation Status” in Registration of Deed section. After clicking, you will be redirected to the next web page of Banglarbhumi Portal, Govt of West Bengal (বাংলারভামি পোর্টাল, পশ্চিমবঙ্গ সরকার). You can directly visit it through the given below link.

Here you can check your Mutation Case Status via Case Wise/Deed Wise Search (কেস উইজড / ডিড ওয়াইজ অনুসন্ধান). On this web page, enter the following details in the appropriate boxes.

  • »District (জেলা)
  • »Block (বাধা)
  • »Mouza (মৌজা)
  • »Case/Deed Number (কেস / ডিড নম্বর)

Lastly, hit the “Submit” (জমা দিন) button to search your Mutation Case Status.

Users, here we provided to you all information related to How to Check Status of e-Payment, Deed and Mutation in Directorate of Registration & Stamp Revenue, Finance Dept, Govt of West Bengal (নিবন্ধন এবং স্ট্যাম্প রাজস্ব, অর্থ বিভাগ, পশ্চিমবঙ্গ সরকারের ই-পেমেন্ট, ডিড এবং মিউটেশনের স্থিতি কীভাবে পরীক্ষা করবেন?). If you have any query regarding this article then submit your comment below or leave at “Post Your Question” section. Thanks for visiting Banglarbhumi Search.Com, stay tuned for more updates.

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