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The citizen of West Bengal State can check their Land/Property Mutation Case Status (জমি/সম্পত্তির উত্তরণ কেস স্থিতি) via online. The Department of Land & Land Reforms (ভূমি ও ভূমি সংস্কার বিভাগ), Govt of WB provides the online portal of Banglarbhumi. Through this portal, the user can access several online services such as Know Your Property, RS-LR Plot Information, Download Application Forms, Mutation Case Status, etc. As we all know that most of the population in the villages hold land. Therefore land is essential to the villagers/farmers (গ্রামবাসী/কৃষকদের), who constitute 70% of the population of WB State. The total land in the West Bengal State is 86,87,540 hectares, out of which the net cultivated area is 54,63,678 hectares. This land, which is about 63% of the total area, is held by 4.30 crore landholders/raiyats (জমিদার/রায়তগুলি).

Check Mutation Case Status through Banglarbhumi Portal

Any individual who holds property/land in West Bengal State (পশ্চিমবঙ্গ রাজ্য) can check Mutation Case Status through the online portal of Banglarbhumi (URL: – This website is designed, developed & hosted by NIC- National Informatics Centre and contents provided by the Land & Land Reforms Department, Govt of West Bengal (ভূমি ও ভূমি সংস্কার বিভাগ, পশ্চিমবঙ্গ সরকার). Most of the people like to online service for a short time and easy process. Through this portal, the user can avail the following online services related to Land & Property.

  1. Check Online Land Information (অনলাইন জমি তথ্য চেক করুন)
  2. Know Your Property by Khatian & Plot Number (হিসাবরক্ষক এবং প্লট সংখ্যা দ্বারা আপনার সম্পত্তি জানুন)
  3. RS-LR Plot Information (আরএস-এলআর প্লট তথ্য)
  4. Download Various of Application Forms (আবেদনপত্র বিভিন্ন ডাউনলোড করুন)
  5. Mutation Case Status (মিউটেশন কেস স্থিতি)
  6. Online View Map for Blocks & Mouzas (ব্লক ও মোজা জন্য অনলাইন মানচিত্র দেখুন)
  7. Key Personnel & RTI Officials Contact Details (মূল কর্মী ও আরটিআই কর্মকর্তা যোগাযোগের বিশদ বিবরণ)
Procedure to Get Mutation Case Status of Land Flat & Property through Banglarbhumi Portal-

To check “Mutation Case Status of Land” (ভূমি অভিযোজন কেস স্থিতি) in West Bengal State, the user need to visit the official web portal of Banglarbhumi, L&LR Dept, Govt of WB. The link is mentioned below.

After getting the above website, the user needs to select the Citizen Services” (নাগরিক সেবা) option in the upper side menu. After this, a drop-down menu will appear then click on the Mutation Case Status” icon. The demo screenshot is given below.

(A) Mutation Case Status (মিউটেশন কেস স্থিতি)- Now you can search your “Land Mutation Status” either by the Case and Deed Number.

  • Case Wise Search (কেস উইস অনুসন্ধান)
  • Deed Wise Search (ডিড ওয়াইজ অনুসন্ধান)

To search land mutation status through case wise, please select the “Case Wise Search” option and enter the following details in the appropriate boxes:

  • District (জেলা)
  • Block (বাধা)
  • Mouza (মৌজা)
  • Case Number (কেস সংখ্যা)

In the end, click the “Submit” (জমা দিন) button to check Land Mutation Case Status.

(B) Mutation Case Status by Deed Number- If you want to search your “Land Flat Mutation Status” (ভূমি উত্তরণ অবস্থা) through deed wise then you will have to select the 2nd option- Deed Wise Search. Then after, enter the required details as per mentioned below.

  • Deed Number (ডিড সংখ্যা)
  • Deed Year (ডিড ইয়ার)

After entering the above details in the appropriate boxes, click on the “Submit” (জমা দিন) button to check your Land Mutation Status through Banglarbhumi Portal.

If you have any query and suggestion related to ROR- Record of Right (রাইট রেকর্ড) then contact the given below Email Address.

  • Email Support: –

Users, here we have provided to you all the information related to How to Search Land Mutation Status (Case/Deed Wise) through Banglarbhumi Portal, Land & Land Reforms Department, Govt of West Bengal [বাংলারভুমি পোর্টাল, ভূমি ও ভূমি সংস্কার বিভাগ, পশ্চিমবঙ্গ সরকার মাধ্যমে ভূমি পরিব্যক্তি অবস্থা (কেস / ডিড ওয়াইজ) কিভাবে অনুসন্ধান করবেন]. 

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